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    I am currently looking into a good solution to easily convert my DVD library into a Nintendo DS friendly format that I can bring everywhere with me. I have encountered several solution, but not many were working great. I see that CloneDVD Mobile doesn't support it, but support several formats like the iPod and the PSP.

    I have read some articles on the net describing how the DPG format works

    The format seems to be mature enough in my opinion to be seriously considered to make it into CloneDVD Mobile. I don't own a CloneDVD Mobile license (using the trial), but I would gladly purchase it right away if this make it into CloneDVD Mobile.

    Thank you for your time and patience,

  2. m-p{3}

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    Here are some information about the DPG2 (latest, and most used) format

    HeaderID: DPG2
    Maximum combined bitrate A/V: 512kbps (for a smooth playback)
    Video Stream
    Format: MPEG-1
    Width: 256 pixels (mandatory)
    Height: 192 pixels (fullscreen), 144 pixels (widescreen)
    Bitrate: 256 kbps (Average), 384 kbps (Max)
    FPS: 15 to 24 frames per second, usually 15
    Pixel Format: RGB15, RGB18, RGB21, RGB24 (RGB18 recommended)

    Audio Stream
    Format: MP2
    Bitrate: 32 kbps to 128 kbps (128 kbps recommended)
    Sampling Rate: 32768Hz
    Mode: Joint Stereo

    From what I can see with the tool dpginfo, it seems the audio stream is located right after the header, and then the video stream is located right after the audio stream.

    There is also a feature called Group of Pictures (GOP) which is used to accelerate the seeking scrollbar of the video. From what I've read on several forums, they recommend using the I-Frames of the video in GOP.
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    How are you going to transfer it from your PC to a Nintendo game cartridge? I don't recall any sort of memory card on a DS. Maybe I've forgotten?

  4. m-p{3}

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    There are multiple devices that can do it nowaday.

    Here are some example of those adapters that can do it through the help of the Moonshell software (media player for Nintendo DS)

    G6 Real
    M3DS Real
    CycloDS Evolution
    TopToy DS
    Games 'n Music

    I've mentionned the most popular devices, there are still several more existing. Most of them use a MicroSD card that can be plugged into a USB reader, so you can transfer data and use it on the Nintendo DS.
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    Most intriguing m-p{3}!

    According to MEncoder doc the video and audio codecs you have identified are supported. So I'm not sure but you might be able to create your own profile and include it in the Devices.ini file. Check here for MEncoder doc. http://www.mplayerhq.hu/design7/info.html
    There is a Documentation link on the left menu bar that will lead to more detailed doc.

    I see on wikipedia that...
    I take it that you've tried the Moonshell encoder and found it lacking?

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    Well, I'm currently looking if it could be possible to create a Device.ini entry with specific parameters, but I'm not familiar (yet) with MEncoder.

    I've tried DPGenc, but it support only a very limited filetype range as the input.

    Also, I'm wondering if MEncoder can generate custom file header in order to do a proper conversion.
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    Currently I use BatchDPG to proceed to the final conversion, but I feel it could be better if CloneDVD could convert it right away to DPG in one step, instead of encoding to Generic DivX, then to DPG.
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    I agree, it could be better.

    How about it Slysoft? What's the verdict? Is DPG support in the cards?
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    Yeah! Would be a great feature!!
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    We are talking about adding a new format to CloneDVD Mobile (DPG) by looking at how it could be done with the current components used by CloneDVD Mobile (mencoder, etc), what's the matter?
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    I don't know why this current post had this warning. It think would have been enough to only warn in the faulty topic, this one has nothing to do with the issue.
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