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Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by truckerswife, Mar 23, 2007.

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    Hi everyone. I first want to say I love clone dvd and any dvd! My problem/question is, I have made about 15 copies of movies with clone dvd (the newest version). I however did not run any dvd with this movies. So now when I try to make a copy off my copy clone dvd says it has to repair the dvd structure. However after doing that, it will clone the dvd. My question is, does that hurt anything? I have maded copies of the copies that it wants to repair the structure and they play in hubby's dvd play in truck. So if I make more copies do you think they will be alright? (just to let you know, I did learn my lesson and I bought any dvd too! and love it!) I hope someone out there an answer my question. Thanks!!
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    What did you use to copy them before you bought AnyDVD?
    If they were css encrypted, you had to have used something to circumvent the copy protection.
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    What the . . . ?
    How did that work?

    In response to your question, I have no idea.

    However, you should be following step by step.
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    okay everyone, this is what I did. one of the movies I made a copy of is Accepted. I used to latest version of clonedvd2. It made the copy perfect. But I did not use Anydvd with this (because I am new to this and didn't know!). But now when I try to make a copy off of the copy I made of Accepted clonedvd2 has a message that pops up and says trying to fix/repair dvd structure. So my question is, should I make new copies seeing how they might not play in other dvd players (other than mine) or should I just leave them? (hope I am not too confussing, am trying my best!)
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    You should make a new backup using this method:
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    You should make a new backup using this method:

    If a disc is CSS protected, it should be absolutely impossible to make a backup using Clonedvd2 alone. You are using Clonedvd, right?
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    yeah I am using that version of Clonedvd. when I made copies of the 15 movies with clonedvd alone, they didn't give me a message about them being protected. I thought about making copies of them again (but hubby didn't want to waste the dvds again). Im just so confuessed! anyway to talk to someone person to person about this?
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    I know I'm speechless.... :D