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Hi, I have a question. When a 2-year Anystream license is purchased, for example, if it is renewed before expiry, if I want to buy a lifetime license, do I pay the difference in value or the total??

RedFox 1

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Hi I could explain it, but I would rather the man in charge of purchases and renewals do it. Thanks for your interest in renewing.
After Ivan answers you, I will move this to the Purchase and Licensing sub forum. Thanks again.


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If you renewed the license already and now you want to upgrade to lifetime, unfortunately you have to pay the full amount.
However, send me PM (=Private Conversation) with your order- or license number and I'll find a way that you just have to pay the difference...


Hello @Ivan , thanks for the feedback, but in my case I haven't acquired a license yet, but I intend to buy one soon. But I'm still saving money to buy the lifetime license, because where I live, my country's currency is not Euro and I need to multiply the purchase price by 6.
I must buy soon.
Thanks for listening!!

Raymond Roux

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I don't see any place where I can indicate that my purchase of AnyStream as a renewal - do you need my current license/machine info (or do you just key off my name and address)?