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  1. Ray S.

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    I'm having difficulty with R&S season 3 disks 1-3. I've attached a logfile of disk 3. My DVD region is properly set to region 1 and has been for quite some time. I use Handbrake to encode titles from the DVD. Some of the titles work perfectly fine, and others do not. In this example, titles 2,7,11,15,20 and 24 are decoded properly by Handbrake, whereas titles 5,9,13,18, 22 and 26 are not. The Handbrake encoder log from title 26 is also attached and shows that the CSS authentication is not correct for this title. I can play all the titles using VLC.

    What can I do to get around this problem?


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  2. Ch3vr0n

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    If you can rip / decrypt correctly then anydvd did it's job. Conversion issues are not an anydvd problem. AnyDVD doesn't convert and you need to consult them.
  3. Ray S.

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    I suspect some of the VTS blocks are not decrypted properly, but I admit it could be a Handbrake problem. I'll investigate that avenue.
  4. Ray S.

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    Update for what it's worth: was able to rip it correctly with MakeMKV.
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    Redfox doesn't seem to decrypt the DVD, MakeMKV works just fine though.
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    Did you try ripping it to FOLDER with the latest AnyDVD version?
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    Then you need to provide an AnyDVD logfile and explain more in detail what's happening. You're not the op.

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