Remux of Making Of's of BDs

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Ali3n, Nov 2, 2018.

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    Hi folks,
    since years I'm out of business concering DVD rips, etc. but I wanna start again, especially for one reason: I like very much the making of's and specials of BDs and want to watch them on my mobile devices (e.g. iPad, iPhone, etc,) while business trips, etc. For that reason I need them on my server (WHS 2011 with Plex) as files to carry them with me.
    I'm a little bit lost in the mass of topic, etc. and would appreciate a little help at the beginning. ;)
    In general, I want to remux the making of's with language and subs (DE + EN), that's all.
    Can someone provide me with a little help or some links to appropriate topics?
    Thx a lot.
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    Duplicate posting and cross posting in multiple languages sections is not allowed. Please stick to 1 topic.

    If you wish to continue this in the English section, send me a pm and the other one will be closed instead

    *Edit as per request: reopened English topic and closed German version*

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    Cannot find this Rule

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    Who said it was a written rule? General forum etiquette and maintained policy. Doubt you'll find a single forum where it's allowed to post the same question in multiple languages across multiple (different language) forum sections. On top of that it convolutes support given, things may get said twice, or said in 1 section and not in the other, or something said in 1 topic and completely opposite in the other...

    Now back on topic please.

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  5. James

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    You need to things: AnyDVD HD to decrypt, elby CloneBD to select / remux / convert. CloneBD is pretty much self explaining.
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