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Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by deano045, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. deano045

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    im trying to copy a region 1 dvd, and remove the region restriction on it so ill be able to play it in a region 2 dvd player,,

    after reading some other posts here, people are saying leave Anydvd to default and it will do so,,

    i tryd this copyd the disc, wont when i go to play it it still say region restricted on the dvd player,,

    any ideas with this, im new to this software so im guessing its only something simple

  2. Clams

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    I'm not sure about AnyDVD alone... I use it with Shrink, and set Shrink to make a region free backup. I know AnyDVD at default removes region restrictions... but I'm not sure if that just allows them to play on the wrong region PC or actually passes it through to the backup.

    Make sure your backup software isn't set up to make a Region 1 disk also....

  3. deano045

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    rite ok, how do i set shrink up to do this,
    yeah i think anydvd just allows it to be bypasted for copying but the restriction still remains on the backed up disc
  4. Zeratul

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    i would guess your problem is now a nstc > pal conflict. region 1 is ntsc and i believe region 2 is pal.

    to fix this you would need to do an extensive process that involves reauthoring the disc. i think its possible to import the dvd into nero recode and output it as pal material (ive done pal to ntsc before, not ntsc to pal). you will lose any kind of menu though.
  5. James

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    Nope, AnyDVD removes it. But it does not convert a PAL disc into an NTSC disc.
  6. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    True, unless it is a japanese region 2 disc.

    Easier fix, saving a lot of time and trouble: Get a 40$ player that can play PAL discs. Or use a home theater PC.
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