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    I recently bought some DVDs in Spain and while I was told they would work in my DVD player in the US, I get the "region code" error when I try to play them (but they run fine on my PC). I bought ANYDVD and CLONEDVD so I could copy and then play these on my TV. ANYDVD is set up to remove the region codes but despite trying three different DVD's, this combo still produces an exact copy including the region codes so I can't play them on my DVD player.

    I also tried 1CLICK with ANYDVD and get the same problem. So the issue is that ANYDVD is NOT removing the region code.

    I also had ANYDVD rip the DVD to my hard drive and then used CLONEDVD to make a copy of it that way but it still leaves the region code there.

    Any suggestions would be most appreciated!
  2. Spanky

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    Double click the red fox and click settings when it opens, make sure all the boxes are checked especially the top three dealing with region codes. I'm pretty sure Spain is PAL and North America is NTSC, unless your player will play both you still might not be able to watch them.
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  3. Charlie

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    Actually what you are experiancing is a simple issue. The DVD's are in PAL format and the player (I assume in the U.S,) is NTSC format. So while the backups are region free the format stays intact.

    By the way I hate the wording region free as people think the same as you and it should state differently.