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  1. struebing1

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    I'm thinking of purchasing a region 3 dvd. Will ANYDVD remove the region code and add the default regin code that has been set in ANYDVD (region 1)? Region 3 DVD's are NTSC. Has any one done this? Thank you.
  2. bjproc

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    anydvd will make the back-up disc region free, it won't do anything to the original

    not sure about the video standard (NTSC/PAL) of R3 disc's
  3. linx05

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    As bjproc said, AnyDVD will remove the region code. So the disc will be region free. It won't add the default region code you specified in AnyDVD. You may do this through other means though. See PgcEdit.
  4. jpmccusa

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    R3 Formats

    Some R3 discs are NTSC (Taiwan, Hong Kong), some are PAL (Malaysia, Singapore, Mainland China, Thailand).
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