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  1. jon jones

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    I have a disk im trying to backup,it plays fine with powerdvd,windvd vlc player now plays blurays,but when i change the region from B in setting,to say A,C i get the error,I have ripped 3 or 4 times each time making sure i have 'remove region code' and 'country code' but each time i get same message ,is this a vlc error message?,sorry if this seems noobish
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    If it plays fine in powerdvd then anydvd did its job. Vlc problem. Let's start by you providing an anydvd logfile and more info about the title itself. Which title is it, where's it from, original region,...

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  3. jon jones

    jon jones Well-Known Member

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  4. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Either enable region removal in AnyDVD, or set VLC to region B. Yes, you can set its Region somewhere. It is a well hidden option.
  5. jon jones

    jon jones Well-Known Member

    @James I have changed it in VLC,i changed it to other regions to test,I have selected region removal in AnyDVD,but each rip it still says that,only disk I get this with
  6. mbarnstijn

    mbarnstijn Well-Known Member

    Hi, @jon jones,

    The region removal built-in to AnyDVD can be difficult to set up for anyone new to AnyDVD. Most of us who've been using AnyDVD for years, and who purchase discs from all over the world, set AnyDVD up this way:
    in the Settings window, choose Video Blu-ray and look down at the Blu-ray Disc Region settings. Check the "Remove Blu-ray Region Code" box, and select the "Always ask for region code of inserted disc",click OK.

    After that, when you insert a Blu-ray disc, and before it scans the disc, AnyDVD will prompt you to tell it what region THE DISC is from. Note that the region it wants you to choose is NOT the region of your player, and it is NOT the region you live in. Most of the time (unless the disc is truly region free) you should choose the region that it shows on the packaging. After you click on OK, AnyDVD will then scan the disc and decrypt it. AnyDVD will remember the region you've selected so that the next time you insert the same physical disc, it will pre-select the same region code.

    If the disc is truly region-free, AnyDVD will show that it is region free in the AnyDVD Settings/status window after decryption is complete. You could pop it out and push it back in again and select "region free" in the prompt, if you really want to. I do that myself just because I'm picky that way.

    There's much more detail about how the region code removal works, but those details are only if you want to know exactly how region limiting is implemented and how AnyDVD fixes it.

    The above notes should be enough to get it correct for everything unless there's some flawed java region coding on the disc. There's always the possibility that your particular disc, that sparked this thread, has broken region coding or a slightly new one. That's for @James and crew to determine and I would think that would already be obvious from the log file.

    I apologize in advance if you already knew all that; perhaps it will help someone else who comes across this thread.


  7. Pete

    Pete Forum Admin Staff Member

    That's all correct, thanks for pointing it out, except for:

    "Always ask" should not be used except for troubleshooting.
    "Automatic" should rather be chosen. It behaves exactly as the "always ask" option, except that it remembers your choice for every disc - and for some it will never ask in the first place.
  8. mbarnstijn

    mbarnstijn Well-Known Member

    Sure, you can do it that way, and I realize that the "Automatic" setting might be simpler for most people. I like software to always interact with me the same way, rather than sometimes popping up and sometimes not. Call me strange. ;)

    I realize I forgot to mention that if AnyDVD is seeing a disc for the first time AND it figures out the region code that's on the disc, it will pre-select the region for you.
  9. jon jones

    jon jones Well-Known Member

    Big thanks for your your replies guys,:) I normally have automatic set,remove country code,ripping it again,will be back with an update,hoping those settings work :)
  10. mbarnstijn

    mbarnstijn Well-Known Member

    Did you say "Remove Country Code"? That's a very special setting, intended for a limited set of discs, mostly Japanese Anime, that check region codes more specifically and try to limit playback to particular countries. You shouldn't normally need to turn that on. Perhaps @Pete can tell us when we should turn the "Remove Country Code" setting on?
  11. jon jones

    jon jones Well-Known Member

    I always have that set to automatic,so its totally free,didn't know that it saved that setting for the next time,if I am reading right,So if i put in a 'REGION B and HAVE AUTOMATIC' selected,if I get the message 'automatic detection of region code not possible with this disc'. I select,say I didnt have the box,and the disk did not show the region,what is best app to see what region the disk is?
    Big thanks to all that contributed to this post ,I got it working
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  12. James

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    Right mouse button says: Only for some US anime discs.