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  1. oliverg

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    Hi there, when I watch Bourne Ultimatum (or any of the Bournes) subtitles are forced on.

    All the subtitle options are greyed out - there is a button to toggle between various subtitle languages but no apparent way to turn them off

    I went to look for the XPL file to delete the entries as stated in a previous post here except there are about 15 xpl files that all contain 20-30 subtitle entries - this occurs in each file

    Can we please have an easy method to remove subtitles from discs? Why on Earth would studios do this? It just seems ridiculous?! Furthermore, the menus are all in Japanese/Chinese/Korean - this is a disc I bought from Amazon in the US. Very strange

    Thanks in advance
  2. hddvdsupporter

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    you watch it with powerdvd or? Try to play it with nero showtime it should work. The subtitles are only an issue of pdvd
  3. sarah99

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    you only need to edit the vplst000.xml file
  4. oliverg

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    Thanks for the replies :)

    Even the 000 version has over a hundred subtitle related entries.

    I really wish there was a way to do this other than editing a file every time this issue occurs.

    Buying Nero isn't an option - (nor should it be) but thanks for the suggestions