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    I am using any DVD and 321 Studios Platinum. Is there a way to remove the FBI warning? Thanks :bowdown:
  2. DetroitBaseball

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    I think if you select Jump directly to Main Movie or Title Menu the FBI warning would be removed. But this can cause some DVDs to have problems.
  3. Svensontini

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    I dunno about the DVDs the 321 Studios software creates, but for the standard commercially produced discs I dug up a text file on the net that outlines how to use some software called VOBblanker to remove the unwanted screens.

    Pickup a copy of VOBblanker, then print these instructions out and follow them while you are looking at the software and it shouldn't be too hard.

    Deleteing the warnings on a DVD.
    You may have noticed that on older titles they used to put 
    the warning screens as files on the disc and it was a 
    simple matter of just deleteing those files. More 
    recently they've built the warnings into the menus so if
    you preserve the menus on a disc you're stuck with the 
    warnings. There is a way around that by using a program
    called VOB Blanker. It takes a few steps, but the 
    procedure isn't that hard once you've done it a few times.
    *) Click on the VobBlanker_2001_exe.exe file to extract
    it and it's support files. Note what directory it's 
    located in, or create a short cut to it.
    *) Rip the DVD to a folder on your hard drive.
    *) Open that folder and rename the Video_ts folder to
    *) Create a folder and name it Video_ts.
    *) Start the VobBlanker program.
    *) Under Input Folder browse to the folder you saved
    the disc in, then the Video_ts1 folder.
    *) Choose Video_ts.ifo and open it.
    *) You will get a list of VOBs in the title set,
    double click on Video_ts.vob.
    *) Now it will open the Menu screen for Video_TS, click
    on the first one.
    *) Now you will get a list in the panel below, in the
    action column some have "keep".
    *) Click on the first one with keep in the action column,
    then click on Preview and it'll show you the screen shot
    for that cell.
    *) Click on the X to exit the preview screen. If you want
    to keep that screen just move on to the one that says "keep"
    in the action column. If you do not want to keep that one 
    then click on "blank".
    *) When you've been through them all and chose to either
    keep or blank them, click on OK.
    *) Now for the output folder navigate to the empty Video_TS
    folder you created in the folder for the ripped disc.
    *) Now click on File, then choose "Execute".
    *) it will now process the files for you and remove the
    ones you blanked out. (this will take a few minutes)
    *) When it's done the process log should say it's finished
    with no errors and 0 warnings.
    *) Click on close, then exit the program.
    *) Navigate to the folder you ripped the disc to and delete
    the Video_ts1 folder, then burn the disc as normal.
    If you want you can use Power DVD or something similar to
    open the files on your hard drive in the Video_ts folder to
    confirm everything is working properly before you delete the
    Video_ts1 folder, but I've not had any problems.

    Give it a shot - I think you'll find it's not too hard!
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    Nice tool.
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    DetroitBaseball is correct, but you will also lose the Menus.
  6. Webslinger

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    You can still retain the title menus, if you wish in Anydvd.

    That said, the feature won't always remove the warning, depending on where it is placed on the disc (works for a lot of discs, but not all of them).