Regular vs. Full Coverage labels


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Jan 29, 2007
I read where using full coverage (small hole) labels creates a higer probability for either burn or playback error. Does anyone have an opinion on this issue?

Paper labels (PERIOD) tend to cause problems. You may be able to watch it right after you do the back-up, but odds are you'll have freezes later.
the problem comes from the label not being correctly put on most of the time to much to one side causing it to wobble in the player and it may play very well the first time you play it but some of the cheaper dvd players cant take the extra added weight i have 2 dvd players 1 is a cheap one a the other is a portable that will not play them but the 3rd i have that cost couple hundred bucks plays them fine

How can a paper label that's on the other side of a DVD cause a problem?

I used to think that too, until I had to redo all of those that had labels. My label for DVDs is now a Sharpie. It's cheaper too. Doesn't seem to affect CDs though, just DVDs.
Sticker labels are a big no-no. Stand alone players will have a higher chance of having issues with them.

They need to be centered perfectly and applied smoothly with the proper tool. They can still throw off the balance of the disc,peel apart in a drive,and build up heat. They can give nightmares to a picky stand alone player: Freezing/Skipping/Jumping/and Pixellation.

There's printers out there that can print directly onto inkjet printable media and a much safer method for labeling dvds. Epson has the Stylus Photo R series for the peeps in the USA, and canon has a couple models for the folks over in Europe. I use the Epson Stylus Photo R-200.

Large hole vs Small hole: The large hole would be considered reg hubs while the small hole is considered Full hubs. Of course the advantage with the smaller hole is more printable surface. Here's some pics and you'll notice the difference between the little hole vs the big hole:

There are two types of "label" people, those that have had problems and those that will.

Even if the label is perfectly applied, over time moisture adsorption , humiditiy and ageing will cause an imbalance and thus readability problems....:agree: