[-REGRESSION- FIXED] A-V Track discrepancies again (incomplete track download)

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    Running my script that detects track underruns started flagging up downloads with in track discrepancies again both on P and D, not got anything from N, but don't see why it would differ. Anyway, on the D side, the ratio is 3/10 audio track underruns, on the P side: 12/13. The underruns are between 3 and 16 seconds. Here's an example downloaded with .9.2:

    !A Some\ Title.mp4 |v @ 1920x1080|=41:47.0797 |a E-AC-3 @ 224000 (en)|=41:39.0808 (7.989 s)
    The same file downloaded with .9.1 either has no discrepancy or it is under 1 second (I threshold at 1 second for all but N, 2 seconds for N).

    Differential logs attached for the above title.

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  2. Prospere

    Prospere RedFox Development Team is already a distant past, the log, however, shows equal expected durations. As well, all movie fragments have been downloaded.
    On one hand, certain deviations are totally possible, on the other hand, however, you need to see whether there's anything meaningful missing in the track or is it just the silence of that last few seconds of the video track.
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    It's definitely a .9.2 thing, as having downloaded with .9.1 the P provider files what were getting flagged are no longer flagged. o_O
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    @Prospere appears to be resolved in .9.3, I just tried with three titled from D and they seem fine now (y)
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