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  1. EgotisticalElf

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    I was watching "The Holiday, R1, US" on my wife's pc which has the new It stops at time spot 1:24:46.

    When I try it on my pc, It runs fine through this section. I noticed a difference in the Status between the two computers.

    Found & removed 85 bad sector protections!

    Found & removed 83 bad sector protections!

    I'm not sure if there were supposed to be 83 or 85. But from the bug in the video playback, I believe that they are at least 84 :)

    Let me know, for the meantime, I will continue to use

  2. James

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    Please post the .ifo files here, so I can examine why AnyDVD has changed its opinion. This will help making AnyDVD a better product. Thank you!
  3. EgotisticalElf

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  4. EgotisticalElf

    EgotisticalElf New Member

    For any readers, this was resolved via email by the support department.

    After more investigation, the problem was determined to be related to the DVD drive on one of my PCs.

    We cross-installed AnyDVD on the two PCs and the same problems existed.

    Solution: use a good DVD-ROM drive!!
  5. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Thanks a lot for letting me know! :bowdown: