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Region Coding


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Feb 18, 2007
Hi there,

I am currently working with the trial version of AnyDVD. So far so good except on one thing. I have an external (Sony DRX 830U) and an internal drive (DRU 710A). When I put an original DVD or a blank DVD +R DL (Verbatim) into the internal drive I get error messages for cleaning the media or the region code to go to www.rpc1.com

If I turn off AnyDVD the computer has no problems playing the DVDs (three of them tried) normally.

I checked region code on ImgBurn and with firmware at www.rpc1.com and everything is set for region 1

I made sure I have the current Sony firmware.

The same drive has no such problem with a standard single layer DVD +R.

Any ideas on this? I hate to think the drive has had it.

can you reset your region code of your drive with anydvd turned off, you can put in an original movie disk for this and let it play for a few minutes
Hi there,

Thanks for the info.

I went ahead and put in X-Men 3 in the burner and ran it for about 15 minutes using Windows Media. After that, and with the DVD running, I ran Imgburn and it said that it was RPCII and that it supported region 1. I then ran the rpc1 firmware and it confirmed region 1.

I went ahead and ran an older DVD (South Park Movie) and it started up fine.

Whatever the problem is, it seems more centered around newer DVDs.

I had wanted to use my older internal drive as a source drive so that I can use the newer external as the writing drive.

I think I mentioned it before but when I put a blank Verbatim +R DL in the older drive the drive doesn't want to recognize it either. It was perfectly fine for single layer discs though.

Any ideas from the above information?

Thanks again,