Region Code Protection Not Removed?

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by ratbatblue, Apr 5, 2007.

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    AnyDVD version, Shrink 3.2, 6 discs in "The Thin Man" series, R1, Win Vista Home Premium. It seems like, although the option to remove it is selected, AnyDVD isn't removing the RCP, because when I do "backup" in Shrink, it warns me that "R.C.E" is active and that I have to correctly identify the disc's intended region, so that Shrink can remove RCP and make the target files region-free. I got that warning on 5 of 6 discs in this set. Shrink correctly identified the region and all I had to do was hit ENTER...but I've never seen this problem before, using AnyDVD and Shrink in XP.
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    Do you have the option "region code scripts" enabled in anydvd settings? This option remove the region code in the dvd.
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    Region code not removed

    I have the same problem (or at least similar...). Copied a movie from region 2, and can not play it on my region 1 DVD player. The check mark for region code removal is set.
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    Are you sure that movie is not PAL ?
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    This is true for me as well. Region 2 DVD (Flash Gordon) and region protection is not removed - play is still prohibited on a component DVD player.

    This was not always true - I've backed up my region-protected Japanese DVDs using this before (otherwise I could only watch them on my computer) and it worked just fine. But that was many versions of AnyDVD ago.

    EDIT: it's PAL so nevermind. I'm off to buy Blaze Media...
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