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Region Code Error


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Feb 12, 2007
Every once in awhile when I copy a DVD to my hard drive using My Movies for MCE, I get a region code error when trying to play back the file. It says this disc is not formatted to play in this REGION. But if I try the copy again it works fine. I am only dealing with region 1 discs and have never even tried a different region. I am currently using AnyDVD version Any ideas or solutions? Otherwise this product is awesome! Thanks.
Problems continue

OK. I tried the movie (Bandidas) four more times, copying with My Movies, and I am still getting the region code error. I then used DVD Decrypter to copy the movie and it worked fine. No problems. The only differences in my system between now and my last successful copy is that I purchased the key and upgraded to the latest version. The key shouldn't have caused a problem, so I am guessing it is the upgrade. I know at least one other person has had this problem. He posted on the My Movies forum. Anyone else? Any ideas? Thanks.
Where do you live? Your dvd drives must be hardware country/region-set for anydvd to work correctly on many movie titles.

Turn AnyDVD off. To do this, Right-click on the red AnyDVD icon in your system tray and exit the program.

Now go to Device Manager or even My Computer and right click on both your ripper DVD drive and your burner DVD drive. Find the tab that shows what region code your drives are set for. Are both your drives set to your region code country? Or are they not set?

If you are unsure about doing that then we will tell you if your drives are region-set correctly if you do the following. Do this: put an original or copy into your drive(s) and double click the AnyDVD icon. Under "Status" you will see a tab for each of your DVD drives. Select and Copy the text from those information screens and Paste the text from those readouts onto the next posting you make on this thread of yours.

I haven't heard of "My Movies for MCE" ... is this a mainstream program? I don't know, I don't get out much ... I just stick with what works. You could consider using something more mainstream like CloneDVD, CloneCD or some of the excellent freeware programs available.

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My Movies is a popular add-on program for Media Center http://www.mymovies.name They actually recommend AnyDVD for use with their product. I am in the US. My drive should be region 1 and all the discs I get are region 1. I'll double check my drives to make sure they are set when I get home. I am not actually burning anything to DVD. I just want to rip the DVDs so I can watch them through Media Center. Thanks for your help.
Region 1

My drive, a Liteon shw-160p6s, is set for region 1. I tried a different title, Pirates of the Carib, and had no problem. Hmmmmmm
Ok. But I must re-emphasize one thing. When you check your drives for their region settings, AnyDVD must not be running in your system tray ... or you will get a false reading. I re-emphasized because 90% of Region encoding issues (an issue on some movies and not on others) are caused by drives not being hardware set and members not realizing this cannot be done if AnyDVD is active. I.E. tricking Windows into believing a drive, and the disk in it, is the correct region is one thing that AnyDVD does by design, as well as decrypt CSS protections.

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Also, I burn movies to disk for playing in a real DVD player so I have no experience in computer based media centers.

One other thought. You are not trying to play a PAL formated movie are you? US standard is NTSC. My point is that PAL vs NTSC standards and Region Encoding are two different things. And AnyDVD only changes the region encoding to become region free ... it does not change the format that the movie was issued in.

Although most computers (not US players) will play the PAL format, your media center player software may be rigged to stop you from playing disks in the PAL format. Just an afterthought.

Region 1

Yep. I tried it with AnyDVD on and off and both times it was set to region 1. It also has the latest firmware installed.