Region cannot be determined (Killing Gunther)

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    Killing Gunther, region A. As this is a Lionsgate region A release, it's pretty much a given the disc is region A as they region lock everything. Anydvd displays a message that it cannot determine the region of the disc. Of course I select A from the choices and all goes well from there. But if this log file can help you guys in the future to detect nuances of this nature, here ya go!
    If not, sorry for wasting your time for possible n00b concern.
    The 2nd time I inserted the disc it did not ask, presumably it has a memory of some sort.

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    Nothing to worry about, due to the nature of how the disc region is stored for blu-rays (hidden inside the disc java code) it's very hard for AnyDVD to automatically determine the disc region. This is perfectly normal. To remove a disc region you need to specify the DISCS region (aka where you bought it), in this case A. If you want to remove region always if you do imported discs, then it's better to set to "Always Ask". That way AnyDVD will (as the setting suggests), always as you for the disc's region. If you DON'T use imported discs, but still want to remove the region to play on OTHER players, then you can safely set it permanently to your region (I'll assume region A here, US).

    Warning: specifying the WRONG region for disc removal WILL render the rip unuseable.
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    I've ripped very few of Blu-rays to ISO with wrong region code setting (for testing), also picked a region code even though the disc is region free ,and vice versa. The copies still play fine in an unlicensed playing software like VLC/MPlayer,... etc as it doesn't care about Blu-ray region codes (just a software issue).

    If you want that they play also in PowerDVD, at least in a standalone player and its player-software is "coded"/configured to a specific region setting (software), it might be that a copy set in in AnyDVD with wrong Blu-ray region code removal will not play here, but at least in VLC it should.
    (All in all it would still not be optimal to tell AnyDVD a wrong region code for removal, of course for overall compatibility when making an ISO-copy.

    I have to add this was 8 years ago. Maybe I had a specific Blu-ray movie disc with other kind of protections where it was not as much critical as it most probably could be/will be selecting false region code.
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    Even when I retire I don't think I will be so bored to try this.
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    Thanks for the responses. Naturally if I rip to an MKV, except a possible Cinavia issue, no player out there will care as the region coding is no longer present, so a flawless playback would occur.

    Is there a way to 'forget' the region code of a disc you've already analyzed if you somehow accidentally selected the wrong one? As I had indicated, the 2nd time I inserted this disc I was not asked.

    Anydvd removes the region code anyway so if it was a region A disc and I selected B, how exactly would it have done so?
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    It's often not really "removing" the region code, I think maybe it kind of patches the JAVA code that checks the region code so that it's always told you're in the region you chose in AnyDVD rather than the player's actual region.

    AnyDVD saves the region information in the Windows Registry.

    To wipe AnyDVD's BD region memory save the following lines (not the lines with ====) in a file called "Clear BD Region Cache.reg" (without the quotes). Include all the empty lines.

    ====== "Clear BD Region Cache.reg" BEGINS =============
    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



    ====== "Clear BD Region Cache.reg" ENDS ===============

    Then double click the "Clear BD Region Cache.reg" file you have created and say yes you want to merge it in to the registry.

    That's it.

    Afterthought: If you're new to AnyDVD or have uninstalled and reinstalled since it changed from SlySoft to RedFox it's possible the registry information will be in a new RedFox location so the above won't work.
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    Alternatively to the registry you can also set AnyDVD region removal temporary to "Always Ask", insert the disc again and choose the correct region.
    You can then put the setting back to "Automatic" and AnyDVD will remember the new correct selection.

    As BrianG61UK said AnyDVD makes the disc think it's always been played in the region you select, making the disc 'region free' if you select correctly.
    If you select incorrectly then it will make it unplayable - the disc will always give the region mismatch.

    In your example the Region A disc would always think it's being played in a Region B player - so it will always give a region mismatch.

    This is only true for players that play the disc in 'full disc' mode (with menu's etc), basic players that just choose the main movie playlist aren't affected as the region doesn't matter.
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    This was as testing at the start of Blu-ray 8 years ago, if you can read, to find a few things myself before asking about it in the forum.
    And your post is indeed helpful ! And rather just trolling on purpose, correct? ;)
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