Region 2 Disc Problems

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by Kagetsu, Nov 25, 2019.

  1. Kagetsu

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    Been a while since I used AnyDVD for much as I don't rip nearly as much as I used to.

    I have a LG BD-REBH14NS40 with firmware 1.0 drive that was originally not region set at all.

    I had no issues with Region 2 or 1 DVDs using AnyDVD to "Software Region Code" and "Hardware Region Code".

    Recently a disc from the CD Single + DVD from Japan entitled:

    Sunlight Avenue by the publish Lantis with catalog# LACM-34508 would finish with CSS protection removed would play the opening logo videos fine but would suddenly have nonstop static + garbled picture.

    Fearing the Disc was defective I fully disabled AnyDVD which resulted in me being forced to set the region to "2".

    The disc now decrypts perfectly and I'm able to rip it, but after popping in a Region 1 DVD I keep getting the not all CSS keys were cracked and something to the sort that AnyDVD is going to guess it. The disc still plays perfectly (in this case its the bluray + dvd combo of Zero Dark Thirty Region 1).

    I was under the impression that any drive + any dvd = all region dvds can mostly be decrypted properly on a drive with no region set as everything was supposed to be emulated to whatever region i set it to.

    I'm hoping someone can point me to a guide about how dvds are decrypted, why was this region 2 partly decrypted until I set the region code on the drive.

    I have 4 chances left on the drive and i mostly avoid region 1 dvds but now every region 1 dvd i pop in says it can't be fully decrypted and needs to be guessed...

    If i set the region on the drive back to 1 (more than 50% of my collection) will most region 2's have this problem again?
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    If the disc region is different from the drive region, AnyDVD must try brute force decryption. Most times it does so OK, sometimes not. If you do a lot of discs from both regions, the easiest way around it is just get a DVD drive and set it to region 2, leave your regular drive at region 1. A good DVD drive only runs about $25 or so.
  3. Kagetsu

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    Ah... can a disc have more than one key? I noticed on the Region 2 dvd i was having problems with some of the chapters.