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    I have installed clonedvd2 (latest) and anydvd on a win10 pc and clicked on my clonedvd .key and anydvd .reg files successfully adding them to the registry, then restarted the pc but both programs report that they are using the 21 day trial. I purchased these years ago and cant find the original emails ... other than buying them again, any ideas?

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    Are you sure you're not trying to register clonecd with a Clonedvd key or reverse? As to the anydvd key, who did you buy anydvd from. Was it slysoft or redfox? Slysoft keys do NOT work with redfox issued anydvd's v8.0.0.0 and above. This is clearly mentioned on the download page.

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    I def have clonedvd and the key goes in fine but doesn't stop the trial messages, as for anydvd i have installed the file and .reg that always used to work (haven't downloaded the latest version of that one).
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    In that case I would urge you contact support through the main website. There's dedicated staff that can assist you further based upon your license files/numbers.

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    Restart computer if you haven't tried that already.
    If that doesn't help, try using the RegCloneDVD tool found here (or similar location) on your computer:
    C:\Program Files\Elaborate Bytes\CloneDVD2\RegCloneDVD.exe
    Again, restart computer to be sure.

    As for AnyDVD, is the license valid & does it cover the sofware versions at the time of purchase (e.g. short term or lifetime)?
    Be aware: if the license is for SlySoft AnyDVD it will not work with RedFox AnyDVD.

    RedFox format: AnyDVDHD_Key_L**-**7.AnyDVDHD
    SlySoft format: Any DVD Key.AnyDVD or Key.AnyDVDHD
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