Red Tail - region code can't remove

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    Hello everyone,,
    My first post here at Slysoft. I have been using AnydvdHD for some years now, and this is the first time I'm stuck with a problem.

    I have got an .ISO og the Bluray-movie "Red Tails" where somebody has added danish subtitles. Problem is, that this .ISO is region A, and here we have region B, so PowerDVD 11 and my standalone Bluray player won't play this movie, not even with anydvdHD running in background.
    I have tried to make a new .ISO with AnydvdHD, but the region code is still A. I can't change it to B, nor can I remove it. If I change Powerdvd 11 to region A, the movie play just fine.

    What to do? I have tried 6 times to make a new .ISO and I have used 4 BD-R DL disc for nothing, as I can't play them :bang:
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    When AnyDVD asks for a region, make sure you select the region of the DISC or ISO in this case (A), not what region you are in (B).