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    That seems to have done the trick. I would not have thought to set the drive property in Windows to the right region. Thanks for the suggestion!
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    Fix for what? What problem are you having, exactly?
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    I seem to be having similar problems with Red 2 as well. Duplicate Titles 28 and 40. Tried to no avail.

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    The problem I'm having with this movie is it is blurry & you can see pixels when you watch the copied version of Red 2. The quality is very low only 18% first then goes up to 26% on next page. Other wise all the sences are in order & the process completes without stopping. I don't understand why the start up screen & movie are blurry, this has never happened before.
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    i made an error in the post in page 5 or 6 of this thread
    i did not use anydvd 7362 to make a rip to hdd 7362 failed with a fileIO error too
    it was the latest beta before lone ranger came out 7372

    @chevron i use ripit4me to view how many "main movie" titles might show up with these structure protections
    which could be fake vts titles or the actual "main movie"
    just double checks
    and sometimes i use ripit4me to delete the unreferenced vts titles

    cheers!!! :bowdown::bowdown:---> to the redFOX!!!
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    1.) Use CloneDVD2
    2.) Deselect title 40
    3.) Done.
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    This worked for me..
    I am now trying to convert this into an mp4 file using handbrake.. I am only converting Chapters 2-19 .. I will report back when done..James thanks for the help

    **That didn't work have tried both handbrake and freemake...Has anyone has been able to convert backed up DVD to mp4 file and if so how..
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    Hi all... I came here because I was having problems with Red 2 also. After reading the thread and doing some trial and error, here is what worked for me:

    1) Right-click the red fox head (AnyDVD) in your task bar and select "Rip video DVD to hard disk".
    2) Once AnyDVD is done, fire up CloneDVD and select "Copy DVD Titles".
    3) Point it at the folder you just ripped the DVD to. In my case it was c:\temp\Red_2-1.
    4) Make sure that Title 28 is the only checkbox selected. Click next.
    5) I unchecked Spanish from the Audio Steam section, and unchecked all subtitles in the Subtitles section. Click next.
    6) Choose "DVD Files" as the output method. Choose an output directory. In my case it was c:\temp2. Click Go!
    7) Once this part is done, fire up Handbrake.
    8) Select Source --> Open Folder.
    9) Select the folder you just ripped to from CloneDVD. In my case it was c:\temp2\Red_2.
    10) Change the destination to whatever you choose. In my case it was c:\temp3\Red 2.m4v.
    11) Click Start, and it will create the MP4 of the movie. Mine took about 12 minutes.

    I hope this helps!

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    That worked for me. Thanks. Never had to do this before, usually just go right to handbrake after the rip. Guess I should have bought the lifetime CloneDVD too.
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    I use Handbrake to convert to MP4 for Roku viewing as well.

    Same thing here. Get the dummy file when it tries to encode. Guess I may need to invest in a copy of CloneDVD, never had to use it before for rips though.
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    Same issue here. Rip to hard disk with and encode only #28 with clonedvd2, files are still not parse-able with handbrake and creates the 1 second dummy file. Log is attached.

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  13. James

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    Please try AnyDVD Let me know, if it works correctly.
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    Just curious, why did you think you needed to "unlock the ziplog"? The entire .ziplog file is what needs uploaded, not just one file inside of it.
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    Red 2 Still Failing -- Finally had to download Magic DVD Copier

    I only see on the US website. Where are you getting

    Red 2 would not copy for me under any of the methods discussed. Kept timing out.

    I finally had to download Magic DVD Copier. It worked fine the first time.
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    Top thread in this forum.
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    I used version It created an .iso copy of Red 2 of 7,478,208 kb.

    I mount the .iso with VirtualCloneDrive and it appears to mount successfully without showing any duplicate titles.

    I use HandBrake 9.9.5530 64bit Version. I load VirtualCloneDrive and load the .iso file for Red2. I choose it for my Source and select Title 49 (01:55:43) as the source title.

    I indicate for HandBreak to save to a temp folder on one of my internal hard drives. I deselect the Subtitles since I don't want to encode them with the movie files.

    When I select Start in HandBreak, it Prepares to Encode for about 1 second, then goes back to green with a Queue Finished message and an output file in my temp output directory for the .m4v that is only 4k large.

    Still in in Handbreak, if I change the Source to Title 5 (04:24) and click start, it goes through the encoding process for about 30 seconds and makes an output .m4v file that is 36,513kb large and plays in Windows Media Player if I click on the file, so it appears to have worked.

    The problem is with title 49 not being encoded. Something is wrong with it when HandBrake gets it that prevents it from encoding the output file correctly, but other titles on the same disc work seem to work o.k., so I'm wondering if it is a problem with the copy protection on the Red 2 disc for the main movie title 49 that is having a problem when AnyDVD gets it.

    Do you want another log file from my version to show what is happening on the AnyDVD HD end when it starts work on it?
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    rental kiosk---> RED2 main movie title was #28???
    is the retail us version dvd movie title#40???

    i say to help you out there buddy and save some steps:
    DONT rip to ISO !!!
    try ripping to the hdd feature
    so the structure and be rebuilt; then backup/recode with HANDbrake!!

    ripping to hdd first has never failed me
    then i freshen up the dvd backup to my liking either with Clonedvd or sssshrink!!!

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    Yes, please. And rip to folder, not iso, if you want to process a DVD with 3rd party tools. There should have been a warning dialog telling you.
  20. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member will pick a different title for the main movie.