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    I have looked at the suggested CPU, MEMORY & GRAPHICS CARDS for use with HD Media on the Cyberlink website and figured it would be best to ask you guys here.

    My current PC (P4 3.0/GF 6800GT/2gigs Kingston Hyper-X) needs too much updating according to Cyberlinks Advisor program. I am thinking about building a 2nd rig and wanted your thoughts on what way to go on this since it wont be cheap. I would like to upgrade to Vista and be able to work with any (Blu-Ray or HD-DVD) media.

    1. Recommended CPU & Mobo?
    2. Recommended Video Card
    3. Recommended Monitor
    4. Recommended RAM

    BTW, I really like Asus Motherboards but am open to suggestions. Thank You 8)
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    I would recommend any of the Intel core 2 duo, if you have the money go for an e6600 or above. I have a e4300 and I overclock it to about 2ghz and it works fine. As for motherboard, any should be fine as long as it has PCIE and DDR2. I have the Abit IP-95. For graphics card, I would recommend Nvidia 7950GT or faster. I'd recommend getting the 8800 GTS 320MB version for like $280. Memory, get at least 1gb of ddr2, any speed is fine.

    I have this system, e4300, abit IP-95, 7950GT, and 1 gig ram and I play all the HDDVD's and Bluray just fine.
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    Thanks for your help bachuka. Whats strange is that Video cards are cheaper now then when I got my 6800GT. My wife got me that card a few Xmas's ago and it was $399, and now you can buy faster cards for less. Still does'nt make up for the price of Gasoline lately ;)

    That E6600 does look like what I need and I found a combo on Newegg with the ASUS P5WDG2-WS PRO Socket T Motherboard for $588. I think I will go that route. Thanks Man :agree:

    One last question: Do you recommend staying with XP Pro or upgrading to Vista (32/64)?? I am hearing people having trouble with Vista and not sure if the advantages are there.
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    Definitely stay with XP until you buy your first DX10 game. I am not sure about that Socket T on the Motherboard. I would recommend a board that uses Socket LG775.
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    I'm running a dual boot system right now with XP Pro and Vista Ultimate. Its kinda fun. Vista drivers suck right now and performance is below XP but bells and whistles are fun to play with. If you do go with Vista, get 2 gigs of memory.
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    Yeah, its not necessary to buy an 8800GTS which goes for as low as about ~$259 for the 320MB version if you are not going to use it for gaming too. If you like to play games then by all means get the 8800GTS or even an 8800GTX but if not your likely wasting your money.

    I would like to see some hardware assisted decode benchmarks along an entire line of products from the same chip manufacturer. Say from the nVidia 7000 series for example. However, from what I have read so far it seems that in the case of nVidia hardware acceleration the chip’s frequency alone the lines of the same family is actually very important. For example a 7600 series card with higher frequency may actually perform better then a 7900 series card with lower chip frequency. Its not intuitive I know but this looks to be the case. Unlike the ATI implementation of hardware acceleration that seems to improves simply along class X1600 with respect to X1900 series.

    Anyway, 7600 should be sufficient but I hear some very interesting things about the upcoming ATI X2000 series and the upcoming nVidia 8600xxx cards might do well too.
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