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Jan 28, 2007
CD-Rs = Maxell CD-R Pro (Taiyo Yudens with a protective coating), Verbatim Datalife Plus, and Taiyo Yuden

DVD±Rs = Maxell Broadcast Quality Series 8x (not regular junk Maxells you find everywhere . . . we're not sure if these are being made anymore),

Verbatim Datalife Plus (avoid Ritek made Verbatims; these might be fakes), and Taiyo Yuden (not Valueline, not Trublu) 8x


DVD+R DLs = Verbatim made in Singapore (preferably not India) and MAM-A 8x

DVD-R DLs = none (useless format)

Here is some useful information:

BluRay Blanks user info:

TIP: Avoid LTH (Low to High) if you can, they use organic dye, have a shorter shelf life and are not compatible with all players/writers

Blank-related user info:

1. Taiyo Yuden Triple Guard (sometimes called "Triple Coated" in the U.K.) which may be a thing of the past and not so important these days.

See this information if you consider these blanks: especially the part at the bottom about "name users"

"Guaranteed Authentic Taiyo Yuden" and beware of the risk.

2. Maxell Broadcast Quality -- very expensive and not easy to find (I'm not even sure if Maxell Japan still makes them)
Maxell (X-Treme) Protek also has an anti-scratch coating

3. Verbatim Videoguard -- not cheap either, but you can find them at Amazon

4. Century Disc Archival Gold

5. It's possible that Mori Media in Japan also produces something with an anti-scratch coating, but I'm not overly familiar with Mori media (but Mori is another premium brand)

This stuff with anti-scratch coating may run anywhere from $2.80-$7 per blank
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