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    I'm a recent CloneBD convert from Handbrake and looking for a little advice.

    Handbrake had recommended settings for BluRay and DVD, using a scaling factor. Zero was "lossless" but would result in file sizes larger than the original. I typically set 18 for BR which is slightly better than the "recommended" settings. Audio is always untouched original. I never had concerns with the output

    Using Clone BD there is a sliding scale with a color bare from red to yellow to green. I'm assuming there is no way to directly compare one to the other, but if I keep the scale somewhere around the yellow to green threshold the resulting file sizes are probably 20% larger than what I got out of handbrake (10-15 GB vs 8-13). The actual bitrate and file size at that location seems to vary depending on the source BR.

    So... bottom line. I don't want to lose any detectable quality in image sharpness or motion fluidity.... any recommendation on how to set the sliding scale on video. ((Audio will always be untouched). Obviously I want the benefits of the H264/5 compression but I'd rather have slightly larger file sizes than degrade image quality.

    Also any feelings on H265 vs 264 for image quality? I think 265 should be smaller file sizes at the same image quality, correct?
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    You could check the bitrate on a few of your old handbrake jobs, workout the average bitrate then use that in CloneBD. This should get you similar file sizing.

    Personally, I have been converting my 1080p BD's to HEVC at around 8 Mb/s and they look pretty good on my 78" TV. By using HEVC, I can get slightly better quality than x264 at the same file size. Then, for 4K UHD, I use 25 Mb/s and again,they look pretty good to me.