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    Hello together! I´m looking for a new External BR-Burner. Main purpose is reading out Blu-Ray Discs for storage on my NAS. It has to be be an external drive for connection with my notebook - powersupply should be prefereably via USB. I have selected the following drives:

    Buffalo BRXL-PT6U2VB-EU
    Pioneer BDR-XD05
    LG BP55EB40 slim 6x6x6x BDRW

    The LG seems not to be the best choice as it has no USB 3 support. Thus the race will be probably between Pioneer and Buffalo (last one offers a better cable management). The Pioneer drive is the most expensive of those drives - is it worth the extra money?
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  2. alterverwalter

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    I've made my decision, Thread can be deleted!
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    Threads don't get deleted unless absolutely needed :) though on topic, lg has never let me down. Nor is usb3 really needed disk burn rates don't need that much data bandwidth that usb3 is needed. USB2 can handle things perfectly.
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    The advantage to USB 3 is power. I've had USB 2 drives in the past that worked fine then after a few months I had to replace the single USB cable with one that draws power from 2 USB 2 sockets, whereas the optical drives I have in USB 3 powered bays never have that issue
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    I'm fine with that. Just didn't want to leave my mess in this forum - nonne needs those empty unresponded topics
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    What drive did you end up buying? and why? I am looking also.
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    me too
    I heard that Xternals have some sort of issues sometimes when leading out or something ?????
    ie: internals are more "accurate" and/or faster

    I use a PIONEER BD-RW BDR-209M ATA Device
    and an LG BH16N555

    both internals and are workhorses

    It would be nice to attach at least 1 or 2 external drives to the desk so I don't always have to reach for the PC unless doing lots of ripping
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    That's the most recommended enclosure for optical drives:

    I've put my Plextor PX-B940SA (= rebadged Pioneer BD-R 205) in an enclosure of a worn out external USB 2.0 LG DVD burner of mine.
    But this way i can only burn at 6x speed reliably.
    In the real world USB 2.0 isn't enough for 8x burning ...but i only burn at 6x max. anyway ;)
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    Ahh dude
    you link good for a tourist
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    I can recommend Slimtypes from Panasonic/Matshita if the speed is enough and if it´s not for daily use ;)

    If you need real workhorses I would buy something with a Pioneer 5,25"-drive, it´a better allrounder than LG-drives.