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    I have a thread with the same title in the AnyDVD (BluRay) forum. (Check further down. By mistake I posted this there again). Please start there.
    The copy as an ISO file ripped with AnyDVD plays fine. CloneBD choked on the original disc and also on the ISO created with AnyDVD. Now to your retrieval of honor. I fed the same ISO to BDRebuilder and the program ran OK but the output is stuck with a frozen picture at the critical part where the read error(s) occurred.
    Still - since the ripped ISO plays fine I'd like to suggest some communication between James and the CloneBD team how to handle these situations and give the user an option to accept the same "fix" with a non-perfect but usable compressed copy of the movie. This would be very helpful since me and for sure many other users face non-perfect copies of movies (discs) even out of the box.

    Thank you in advance! Any feedback will be highly appreciated.
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    Without a log file from cloneBD there isen't much they can do