Recommend Bluray Burner brand for difficult to read Disc(s)?

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    I have both an LG dvd and LG bluray burner disc drives.

    I've been trying to backup dvd's, yet sometimes I come across one that is difficult to read.
    'Attempting to Repair defective dvd structure'

    I've tried both the LG dvd and Lg bluray drives and neither can get past this issue.
    Is there any brand/drive out there that may be able to get past this error?

    I've tried cleaning the disc as well as reducing the default drive speeds within AnyDvd, with no success.
    Note: This disc looks clean as a whistle too. No scratches/blemishes/smudge etc.

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  2. Ch3vr0n

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    That error has nothing to do with the drive, regardless of the drive brand. That error is typical of 1) either a really detective disc, 2) a badly authored disc or 3) a new protection.

    Now to find out what it is, you need to provide a logfile for such discs. Without we can't help you. Either way neither the drive type nor brand are a cause or solution

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    Here's the log file of the disc in question

    View attachment AnyDVD_7.5.7.0_Info_D_TREME_S3_DISC4.ziplog
  4. Ch3vr0n

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    Your drive region is set, but the logfile is still riddled with read errors. I'd recommend creating a new topic for this in the ANYDVD section (as it's a DVD) and provide that logfile there as well. It'll get more exposure there. Since this is not a new release, it's most likely a defective disc but james will have to give the final vote