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  1. Hi,
    I'm experiencing an issue where in versions 8180 and 8190, the blu-ray discs aren't showing right in windows 10 explorer and then they won't show up in MPC as a blu-ray drive. so to play a disc, I have to either keep the older version (that doesn't do updated discs) or hope that the file system is only using one video file on the disc. anyone run unti this issue? I will gladly explain in even greater detail if it is needed. thanks
  2. anyone know what I mean....? at all?
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    I am not exactly sure why they will not show your disc(s) correctly on your PC. Someone might mention to check your region setting for your disc drive(s) if not already set to your proper region. I am just taking a shot in the dark with this. I have seen this mentioned before on here and most cases this fixes this similar of your problem. There are more experienced people on here and maybe they might be more of help then myself. I figured I give this as a suggestion to try.
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    Make sure you have the latest betas, and that MPC is updated.
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    @colombianlove41 so tell us: when you exit AnyDVD, Windows 10 recognizes the blu-ray disc and you can use Windows file Explorer to show the folders at the root? Show us a screen capture of the Explorer view of the Blu-ray disc root folders.

    When you start AnyDVD with Blu-ray inserted in the drive, does AnyDVD scan the disc? Any errors? What does Explorer show when you try to look at the Blu-ray disc root now? Can you screen capture that and show us?

    Please post AnyDVD log file generated with a Blu-ray inserted. See the sticky forum post that is shown at the top of this Forum section titled "Please READ THIS before you post!" It's a few posts below the one that has the link to the latest (beta or not) AnyDVD download, which you should also try out in case it fixes a particular issue for Windows 10.

    If you could do all that for us, the forum members and Redfox developers reading this thread will have more facts to work with and we will be better able to help you.


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    I'm not sure exactly what you mean by your description but in Win 10 upon 1st boot I always open file manager first and if my BD drive or DVD drive appears as a CD drive then I reboot the system and recheck file manager until it appears as the drive I have because if you use as a CD drive it will not read labels or directory structure so all 3rd party programs are unable to read as well including all anydvd, clonedvd, clonebd etc. It appears to be 2 programs conflicting as I have been researching this since win 10 1st came out as I never had this issue with any other OS's. Just been lazy and have not taken the time to find what programs are conflicting yet... Maybe this does not fit your description
  7. The region is set to the t correct setting. Thank you foe getting back to me.

    When it reads the disc, in explorer it shows that there is something in the drive and the amount of space the disc has used but not the title or that its a movie. MPC doesn't recognize it as a movie so it can't play it.

    Actually, this sounds very similar to my issue. the reboot doesn't help though and I can't think of any programs that would cause a conflict.
  8. what do you mean the "latest betas"?
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    When you view the Redfox forums at most of the top levels, but especiaslly when showing the list of all the threads in the Blu-ray "AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)" section of the forum, there is a set of "Sticky" threads at the top of that list. The first sticky thread is ALWAYS a thread with a link to the latest AnyDVD release, whether that is the generally available point release, or the latest beta test version that possibly implements updates for various problems under discussion in the forum. There is also a sticky thread that is named "Please READ THIS before you post!" that contains instructions on common problems, how to analyze your problem, and how to gather a log file and post it.

    We're all still waiting for your first log file posting for the problem you're having. After that the diagnosis process will pick up speed.




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  11. this is what you asked for correct?
  12. James

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    Can you please try AnyDVD Thank you.
  13. how would i go about downloading that?
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  15. after the installation, it read the disc and had the correct info but that was only because I left a disc in the drive during installation. after a reboot, it didn't load properly

    did this version also have the previous driver?
  16. Ch3vr0n

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    Unless the changelog states a driver change again, every new release containts the changes from the previous one
  17. James

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    Yes, as the changelog says.
  18. is there a way to compare the version that works to the latest version?
  19. The last version I have that shows the Blu-ray properly is
  20. James

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    Are you saying don't fix the problem?