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Discussion in 'ReClock' started by James, Apr 3, 2018.

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    James, could you add this GUID:
    {30313050-0000-0010-8000-00AA00389B71} corresponding to this video format: P010
    So that Reclock doesn't show "unknown format".
    Thank you.
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    Just wanted to say that after a long hiatus I needed to come back to Reclock and it's still awesome. Thank you James for making it Windows 10 compatible. You really saved my HTPC experience.
    I've been fighting with ARC, CEC and all that digital crap... all of a sudden I thought "what's wrong with three analog cables to the AVR multichannel input? They worked well years ago..."

    Turns out they still work well and there's no "mystery box of surprises" to wait for me every time I try to control stuff through my Harmony remote.

    Reclock is almost twenty years old and still holds its own, side by side with 4K HDR stuff. Almost miraculous.
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    Which leads me to ask: how hard would it be to implement a 64 bit version? For whenever 32 bits might become an obstacle.
    We’re not there yet but sooner or later it might happen.

    Also: in case somebody wanted to do it, is the whole source open? If not, and there is no interest in further development, has any thoughts been given to opening it?
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    This question has been asked a lot of times in the past, just search this forum to find the threads in question.
    In essence James has always answered: "Neither 64-bit version or release of the source are gonna happen, use something else (JRiver or Kodi) if you want 64-bit reclocking".
    Maybe he will change his mind if at some point 32-bit apps are not supported anymore making ReClock technically obsolete, but I can't see why when he has responded negatively until now.
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    Uhm… ok, I guess. Kinda surprising, the moment it gets decided that development has stopped. I am not complaining, as clearly there are no obligations involved, simply wondering about the underlying reasons.
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    The reason for "no 64-bit" is probably not enough users to make it worth James' free time he would need to invest in it. The original code was designed for Windows XP and maybe some parts of it have not been written in a very portable way and porting it would take a lot of effort in coding and especially support with bugs appearing? James has said he has moved to Android boxes as playback devices, so he wouldn't even be using it himself anymore (which I think was the main reason for him taking over development in 2007).

    The reason for no source release is a bit more obscure. This old thread mentions Slysoft bought the code from OGO:
    Maybe there were terms to the sale that said the code could never be released? Of course we could argue that the circumstances have changed, but it's the owner's decision what to do with it.
    I'm worried too but I'm afraid it's going to stay that way at least while there are still official 32-bit releases of the more popular media players, and of LAV Filters.

    Also, I wonder which developer would be willing to port it to 64-bit even if the sources were released. There are simply not a lot of developers around that have the necessary experience with DirectShow, and those who do don't care about ReClock for various reasons, or have given up on DirectShow entirely.
    I know of at least one open source reclocking DirectShow filter (MediaPortal Audio Renderer), but it has fewer options than ReClock and it doesn't work in other media players or with anything other than MP's custom EVR presenter, and its developer is also gone.
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