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Discussion in 'ReClock' started by James, May 11, 2017.

  1. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member beta - 10/05/2017
    * New: Added support for PowerDVD 17
    * Change: Updated MediaInfo.dll to beta - 08/05/2017
    * New: Added debug DWORD registry value "NoMediaInfo". If set to 1, the old DirectShow estimator will be used. beta - 08/05/2017
    * Change: MediaInfo estimator improved

    ATTENTION: This is beta software!
    As there are many changes to many parts of ReClock, things might not work right away as expected.
  2. James D

    James D New Member

    Hello. I recently started using your software aside from one failed attempt in the past and wanted to thank you and reveal my thoughts about it:
    1. As some players have option "Stay on top" enabled and Reclock window when launched stays hidden behind player, could you add option "Stay on top" for better user experience?
    2. What about creating a stable version instead of beta?
    Thanks again.
  3. James D

    James D New Member

    Sorry for doublepost but wanted to clarify: were my suggestions not useful or was my post missed in the author's topic subscription list? Or maybe there is no more willing to continue this project in any way?
  4. el Filou

    el Filou Well-Known Member

    Development has slowed and I think James is just fixing bugs and sometimes updating support for new versions of PowerDVD as it's a side project for him compared to the main Redfox business.
  5. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Your suggestions are useful and I took notice. Sorry for not answering, my fault.

    ReClock has reached EOL, but I work on it from time to time.
  6. James D

    James D New Member

    Oh, I see. Well, thank you for the hard work you've put into this program even after it's EOL. That is an example.
  7. el Filou

    el Filou Well-Known Member

    Edit: answered my own questions by examining a log file of playing back problematic material, MediaInfo is indeed always tried first.

    Hello @James , I have a question about the behaviour of does re-enabling the built-in estimator makes ReClock only use it in the case where it cannot find the framerate via MediaInfo?
    I am referring to this line:
    My problem is I need to re-enable the built-in estimator or ReClock cannot find the framerate for some stuff I regularly watch [Edit: ...]
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