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  1. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Watching PAL DVDs? Here's why you need ReClock:

    Download ReClock here:

    * ReClock must be installed *after* PowerDVD or Arcsoft TMT 3/5/6
    * Whenever PowerDVD or Arcsoft TMT 3/5/6 is updated or reinstalled, ReClock must be reinstalled
    * ReClock replaces the ASAudioRenderer.dll in the TMT 3/5/6 Codec directory. A backup ASAudioRenderer_bak.dll will be created.
    Do not delete this file, it is required! - 14/04/2015
    * New: Support for PowerDVD 15

    Source code for GPL'ed code is available here:
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  2. haze242

    haze242 New Member

    Recently madshi has released a x64 version of madVR. Do you plan to make the x64 version of ReClock?

    P.S.: Sorry for my broken English
  3. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    No, a 64 bit version is not planned.
  4. leeperry

    leeperry Well-Known Member

    Hi James, thanks for the new build :agree:

    Yeah, madshi finally decided to care for a x64 build of madVR because the x64 build of LAV would appear to be quite a bit faster for h264/h265 decoding:

    So we're talking about a 10% power consumption decrease as far as I can tell, hardly worth a heart attack but I might fancy upgrading from W7SP1 to W10 soon so why not making it x64 while I'm at it?

    It seems rather obvious that x64 is the way to go, Reclock is and wll more than likely remain its own market leader and keeping it in the x86 world would soon or later become a problem I think.

    BTW, ever since I've moved to W7SP1 whenever I seek in a movie with PotPlayer/madVR/LAV/ffdshow over WASAPI Excl. I get crackling audio and I have to reseek in order to get properly synced audio again...I've tried to increase Reclock's buffer to no available, am I missing something here? On XPSP3 seeking had never been a problem.

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  5. flobo

    flobo Member

    I'll add my vote for 64 bits reclock.

    With mpchc, lav filters and madvr all available in 64 bits versions, reclock is the only missing link for perfect x64 video/bluray playback.
  6. amayra

    amayra New Member

    any good reasons for that how about source ?
  7. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Probably not. Lack of time, resources, money and with players like Kodi, maybe lack of need.

    source code is not available, sorry.
  8. Typhoon859

    Typhoon859 New Member

    Hi James. Could you perhaps elaborate on what you mean regarding Kodi? Do you think Kodi is a superior player to the CCCP codec pack w/ MPC, and if so, in what ways? Or, are you simply suggesting that something like ReClock is no longer necessary for Kodi? Would you say the same of MPC with madVR? Thanks!
  9. amggotleir

    amggotleir New Member

    Kodi? uwotmate? totally useless crap... what we need is Reclock 64bit with mpc-hc & madvr
  10. Typhoon859

    Typhoon859 New Member

    Well, I would be curious to hear James' view on Kodi though.
  11. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    It is not necessary for Kodi, it has in-built ReClock functionality. I won't compare it to the other options you mentioned. I like it because of the IMHO good (enough) quality, the re-clockiness, ease of use, PVR functionality, nice addons, central SQL database, various client support (Windows, Linux, embedded systems, Raspberry Pi, Android, and more), good scrapers, high WAF (wife acceptance factor), AirPlay, Ethernet remote control, ...
    But I wouldn't use it for playback of physical discs.
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  12. H.Mulot

    H.Mulot Well-Known Member

    Does that mean, that ReClock won't run on a 64bit system?
    I just let built A New HTPC with 64 Bit. What can I do to make ReClock work on it?
    Or do I to go the other way and set the HTPC up again, this time with 32bit?
  13. el Filou

    el Filou Well-Known Member

    Just use a 32-bit player and 32-bit decoding filters on your 64-bit OS and ReClock will work fine.
    The only reason to absolutely need 64 bit for a HTPC anyway is when you want to do a lot of stuff on the CPU and the only case I see now where you would need to do that is to decode UHD HEVC or VP9 and your GPU doesn't decode them in hardware and your CPU maxxes out when decoding them in 32 bit. That's still an unusual case right now I'd say as neither HEVC or VP9 are common yet, and the best solution anyway would be to buy (a system including) a GPU that can decode them in hardware.
  14. Who can explain to me what is ReClock ???????????
  15. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

  16. cybrsage

    cybrsage Well-Known Member

    Wow, I never knew Europeans suffered from this. I feel for you guys.
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  17. Roxy

    Roxy Well-Known Member

    Can ReClock pitch the audio up, too?

    I would require that for old TV shows like, for instance, the German dub of Star Trek TOS (Raumschiff Enterprise).

    The German dub has originally been recorded for 25 f/s, but the Blu-ray is playing back the episodes using the originally recorded 24 f/s. So all voices sound in a too low pitch.
  18. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

  19. Roxy

    Roxy Well-Known Member

    Excellent! Thanks!
  20. Roxy

    Roxy Well-Known Member

    Er ... Is is just me or has ReClock vanished from your homepage? The download link in the first posting above leads nowhere and on the homepage ReClock isn't available, too.
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