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    More anime, yes please! Finger's crossed for English subtitles lol
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    It would be interesting to know the distribution of licensee per country. I'm hoping they would use that info to help them make these decisions. Also the country of origin is probably less important than reach. Yes, Netflix is a US company but they have a global market. And they have a lot of shows made out side of the USA for non-US subscribers.
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    IMPO, the bigger the country, the more people can enjoy our quality product, sure we have some glitches along the way, but this program is still young, in software terms, I have no say in these matters, and I do not know any more than you do, but if I did have input, HBO Europe would be my next addon, and after that, I would love to see the biggest and best provider in Japan (Anime), I am speaking from a business perspective, I am not from the USA, but I can utilize their providers because I am close enough. Some VPNs do wonders for access.
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    just as a heads up tvnow is now named rtl+ if I'm informed correctly (as per 4th of November)
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  5. Hello,
    One idea may be to add support for
    It has a ton of classes by industry leaders (e.g., Martin Scorsese).
    You can download the PDF material but only view the video lectures on the webpage.
    Just an idea, keep up the great work!! :)
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    Sky is widely available and popular in the UK/ireland and most European countries. We can't stream HBO directly here - HBO content (series/movies) is streamed through their contract partner Sky. A must have.

    Main app: Sky
    Series channel: SkyShow -> HBO series like GoT and all the others we like
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    nowtv paid for service so can record sky sports and movies and entertainment channels

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    Hey, it could be good to have support for that french anime platform :

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    Hi i acquired AnyStream plus when it came out, just installed the newest update, is there currently no difference between plus and regular as of yet or is something off? i believe i recall a Disney Japan from earlier betas as at least one difference, so am i missing something?
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    Could I request All 4+ (UK)
    Thanks for all the hard work on this great tool!
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    Disney+ Japan was retired because the normal Disney+ interface can now be accessed from Japan.
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    A mí me gustaria que se incluyera una OTT española llamada FlixOlé. dedicada al cine español y europe. Con miles de peliculas, remastzadas y en HD.

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    Quizás algún día sea una opción, pero no por ahora. Gracias por tu publicación. Utilice un traductor para publicar en inglés.
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    Thank you very much for your response, and for your suggestion on the use of a translator.

    To write this answer, I am using the gooogle translator.

    I would like to know, if they include any option, to be able to download the movies that we can buy on YouTube. If I am not misinformed, any content from YouTube can be downloaded using various software or websites. But the movies that are bought to see them on Youtube, I don't know how to download them.
  17. RedFox 1

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    No you cannot use this software for You Tube.

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    There are a lot of websites and software that will download videos from Youtube, both free and paid. Google can help you chose which one would be best for your.