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Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by Ch3vr0n, Sep 20, 2020.

  1. Ramram

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    Both of them have paid plans.
    The first one is for Europe the other one is only german.
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  3. JStevens

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    It has IMAX Enhanced content (IMAX aspect ratios & DTS:X) not available anywhere else as well as some Open Matte content. It seems to stream video with DASH like Netflix does. I know it isn't subscription-based so it's disqualified but if I can at least get a step in the right direction that would fine.
  4. jim2664258

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    I expect at some point vudu will move to fandango.
  5. movienut50

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  6. HoRRoRMaN666

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    Lifetime MovieClub USA
    Hallmark Movies Now USA
    Up Faith And Family USA
  7. lockinhind

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    Just a Thought, dubbed anime with a paid subscription model.
  8. Paul W. H

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    BritBox UK is coming to Amazon Prime Video Channels

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  9. Justin Fowles

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    Could you add to the list too
  10. xCharvelx416

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    Glad to see that Disney+ addition. (y)(y):thankyou:

    However.. I can no longer test AS as the temp license has expired on the system I was testing it on... however, I'll check back here and there to see how the bugs are worked out.
  11. WKS_12

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    available only in latin america

    available only in PerĂº
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  13. Mirai

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    Paramount+ (Global)
  14. Don922

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    Already suggested. Please read entire topic before posting duplicate requests.
  15. RedFox 1

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    I would like to see how many requests there are for each one so please do not reply again.
  16. Don922

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    So sorry. Others have posted the same msg I did without getting scolded so I thought it was ok.

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    I'll see if i can update the sticky soon. I'm a bit busy atm so it's slightly out of date
  18. Ch3vr0n

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    LIST UPDATED 14/03/21 added to the list
    Starz added, but unlikely to get support. Requires cable provider package. ShowTime Added. Rest already on the list
    Added to the list

    I'm having trouble with a VPN accessing most of those on the list, i don't read russian and there doesn't seem to be an english language toggle. Please provide DIRECT links to the pages with the paid plans so i can verify they meet requirements.

    All 3 already on the list
    ESPN+ added, rest already on the list.
    Isn't DC Universe is merged / migrated with/to HBO Max? Rest are on the list
    Discovery Plus added, SkyCinema is already on the list [UK]


    Please point me to the direct URL's with the paid plans. I don't read japanese

    Has been added
    Confirmed, CBS All access removed from the list. Replaced with Paramount+
    hulu already on the list, others added
    Disqualified for now, as you say, it's pay-per-view and not subscription based.
    Please point me to the paid plans, can't find it. Need to verify qualification
    Can't find paid plans for HM Now. Other 2 added
    Can't sorry, it already is :p

    Cant verify requirement matching for these. Even with a VPN the first one redirects me to, 2nd i can't find the paid plans site. Seems to be a site for free viewing of what's available on TV.

    Leave the moderating to the moderators please. If each provider can only be requested once, i'd have to delete half the posts in this topic.
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  19. Scott Taylor

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    I don't see
    NightFlight Plus ( 
    on the list. Please add it for us cult movie and music fans.
  20. Tim Stark

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    I know that but... Why can we not download our purchased movies? Yes fandango-now and movies-anywhere are steaming providers for customers who purchased their movies and TV shows.