READ ME: post requests for new streaming providers here | Upd: 23/05/21

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by Ch3vr0n, Sep 20, 2020.

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    With the holiday period behind us, i'll soon update the list. with the new requests. That said,

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    Redbox On-Demand US
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    I see many requests, though I am still am only aware of being able to utilize Amazon Prime and NetFlix for the Anystream app. As of todays faulty update (which has an Error that has me unable to use Anystream at all until that update has been fixed), I am still not seeing anything that states Anystream is adding more services to the tabs. Am I missing something please?
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    This is a request thread, not a suggestions or questions thread. The requests here are so RedFox knows what people are interested in seeing next. It is not a guarantee that any particular request will be implemented. At the moment I believe RedFox is working to stabilize and improve the support for Prime and Netflix before adding more services to the mix.
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    Thanks SamuriHL. :)
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    Paramount realese the service in March
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    It should be noted that it will replace cbs all access.

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    I would like Discovery+ added to the AnyStream Wish list.....


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    It will be released sometime in March. From what I can tell it is a replacement/rebranding of CBS All Access with a lot more additional content.
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    Hulu(including Hulu Japan please)
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    Please support Sky Ticket (Germany)!!
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    Both of them have paid plans.
    The first one is for Europe the other one is only german.