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Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by Ch3vr0n, Sep 20, 2020.

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    Automatic disqualification. Uncoded links fixed. Please Re-Read OP
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    Please add support for

    additional votes for Apple+ and HBO MAX and HULU
    thanks for all the hard work!
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    Request for CuriosityStream, streaming documentaries, subscription $20/year HD, $70/year 4K. "CuriosityStream is available worldwide in all countries. While content may vary depending on which country you are streaming our content library from, you will have unlimited access to a majority of our titles. The availability of our content varies according to geographical locations and licensing agreements with our partners."

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    This is a Hungarian streaming site which has a lot of football games. Thank you.
  5. Pelvis Popcan

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    The Roku Channel ( was requested on page 1... does anyone know if it's possible to download from there using any current means? There are some free series and such there that aren't available anywhere else (even on disc).
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    I am sure is DRM free. It just use some measures to hide play url like youtube. ( I use chrome driver to pass these measures. That is not anystream's purpose
  9. StormShadow

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    Another one for the wishlist :)

  10. German Vargas

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  11. acebb

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    I purchase lifetime license AnyStream. Please add russian streaming platforms.

    The list is large, but these are the best paid streaming services in Russia.
    Thank you!
  12. GreatInca

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    Priority Order (for me)

    HBO Max


    DC Universe
  13. Alessandro Girotto

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    Io propongo la piattaforma mediaset premium, tim vision e infinity.
  14. sierra117

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    ive been out of the loop for a while with redfox products but recently stumbled upon anystream and tried it out to see how well it works.


    are the video resolution options that i can choose (when downloading content) those which are supported by the streaming platform ? do those options include the max resolution that the content is streamed from the platform ?

    regarding the typical cat & mouse game, is anystream updated frequently to stay on top of the drm updates that platforms make (similar to how updates to anydvd are issued) ?

    in the trial version i dont believe i had the ability to download more than 1 show/movie at a time. is that also the case with the registered version ?

    lastly, i read some chatter about possibly supporting apple tv+, but not sure how that would work if anystream is windows-based .... i use that service with my ios and mac devices.

  15. colaboots

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    DAZN - Sports provider.
  16. Jera07

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    (code) URLs here (/code) but with square brackets instead of rounded
    -- Hope I'm doing this correctly.


    All three have paid subscription plans available (I know because I pay for 'em). :)

    Thank you for your work!
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    Off topic - Thanks for the Curious info, I just ended up with a one year sub..

    On topic :
     Dplay is now called Discovery plus (Norway - Scandinavia) So this is a request for Discovery plus
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    please add below site

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    Discovery plus
    Sky Cinema
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