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Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by Ch3vr0n, May 30, 2021.

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    Dear user,

    When i first created the feature request list during closed beta in April 2020 it was pretty easy to maintain as the was only a limited user base making feature requests so it was easy for developer Prospere to make a judgement on them if the request was doable. Only when a request had been judged, was it placed on the summary list with the proper status.

    After the first public release request came in not very often which didn't increase the 'work load' too. However requests have come in a lot more frequent. I know there's quite a few that are not on the list, and prospere hasn't made a call on them. It is however an infeasible task to go through a ton of forum pages, and opening all topics to check if it's an unlisted request, and ask Prospere to make a judgement on them so it can be added to the list. That said, effective immediately I am going to change my policy that only judged requests are put on the summary list sticky.

    I will be adding a section called 'Unjudged requests'. It's purpose will be to list feature requests made that have not been decided on if they're doable. To make/update that section, i need YOUR assistance. If you have made a feature request to Anystream in that past that you think does not match an existing one, you have my permission to SEND A FORUM PM. However you have to KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid, an acronym).

    Your pm MUST FOLLOW these simple guidelines.

    If your request is entirely new:

    PM Subject: [AS New Feature Request] - <insert short title>
    Pm Body: may ONLY include a direct link to the topic. Do not add any other text or I will ignore it.

    If your request adds to or changes an existing request:

    PM Subject: [AS Feature Request Change] - <insert short title>
    PM Body: only a direct link to the topic.

    A request must have been made its own topic! and not buried in someone else's topic. I will not dig through topics for the specific post.

    Your PM must follow the above guidelines so i can easily look them up. Do not add any text, or they will be ignored. Do not expect a reply.

    The 'Unjudged Requests' will allow developers to easily and quickly keep track of feature request that need a call on.


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