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Read Errors

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by pak27, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. pak27

    pak27 New Member


    Getting some success when converting to my MP4 (Ipod). Also getting alot of read errors, which CloneDVD mobile can't handle. Any reason for this?
    In the very first filmstrip do I select copy to 'Ipod Video' or to 'Ipod Video 5. gen (hires)' What do the two mean?

    Thank You.
  2. Matt

    Matt Well-Known Member

    "Ipod Video 5. gen" is for the newest iPod's, the so called "video iPods".

    With regards to the read errors, do you have AnyDVD enabled? Which movies are giving you issues? Can you copy the error into the forums for us to read?
  3. pak27

    pak27 New Member

    Thanks for explaining the differences between copying between the two Ipod in the first film strip. I will try copying to 'gen 5' next time, as I do have a video 30G Ipod. I do have AnyDVD enabled all of the time. I will post the read error next time I get one.

    Thank you.
  4. mikebirm49

    mikebirm49 New Member

    I am also getting read errors when remastering to my 5th Gen iPod. Some of the disks not coding are The Bride Came C.O.D, Scaramouche, Goodbye Mr. Chips (all Warner Bros.) and Beau Geste (Universal). There are others. All disks are new, clean and in perfect condition. They have all been checked in multiple DVD players and play fine. I am using an NEC DVD+RW ND_1100A drive in a 3 year old Dell XPS using Windows XP Home edition. Drivers are as updated as possible. AnyDVD is enabled and I am pressing 'gen5'. The error message (usually) reads: File 1 E:/VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_4.VOB 23 TCSectorReader. Interestingly, many errors occur around the 52% complete point (sometimes more, rarely less). Most disks encode fine but a few do not. Any ideas? Thanks
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2007