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Read error?


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Apr 12, 2007
Hi, I am new to this forum, but it looks great, and I have had great success with Slysoft products. I occasionally get a Process Read Error when attempting to copy disc files. I get the popup window, that reads "Data Error (cyclic redundancy check). I have cleaned discs a few times, and got them to complete, but there are times I get this and the disc appears to be in very good condition, and I have cleaned them with no better results. (Also, as I am sure others know, you can have discs that look like they have been thru a world war and they copy just fine.)

Is there something I am missing, or anything I can do to get this resolved, or is there just some discs I just cannot copy, regardless of what I do?

Thanks very much in advance for any suggestions or help! This looks like a great forum! 8)
Sometimes a DVD just doesn't get pressed well. It won't matter how many times you clean it. It may be just in one place or the whole disc. Also, it may play just fine in a player, but just can't be read to make a back-up of. The only recourse is to exchange it for another.
Thanks for taking time to respond. Your explaination makes perfect sense, and that has been pretty much what I have experienced too. Sometimes they just won't "go", but they will play just fine.