Read error at 52% of HD-DVD 300

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    @TheSaint7182: Where did you buy your "300" HD-DVD -> Amazon?

    I´ve got exactly the same problem (Error at 52%), the dealer took the disc back and sent a new one to me. But nothing has changed, i have the same problem with the second disc too. The filter "clbstor" doesnt exist at my PC, so I couldnt fix the problem according to the description in here. The disc runs perfectly under PDVD 7.3 ultra (without AnyDVD) - exept chapter 16 and 17, PDVD freezes everytime.

    Any ideas?

    Another possibility for saving time is - you tell me whats happen in these 2 chapters. ;)

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  2. Webslinger

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    Obvious indication of a defective disc

    There's nothing at all on HD-DVDs (nor Blu-rays) that prevents them from being ripped.
    So you're left with a situation where either there were some bad discs in circulation--or your
    drive is dying.


     10.09s: read sectors failed, sense 3:2:0
     10.09s: tries 9 retry 7241024 to 7241040
    Bad disc or drive

    Here are your options:

    A. The original disc is bad even if it plays fine. Exchange it.

    B. The disc is dirty. Clean it.

    C. Your drive is slowly dying. Try a different drive.

    D. Buy the Blu-ray in an attempt to avoid defective HD-DVDs of 300.
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    You shouldn't double post, but as you'll see the advice you got in the English forum is the same as you've already received in the German forum. 1 bad disk is unlucky, 2 is very unlucky - but it does not rule out your HD-DVD reading qualities on your LG combo are failing.
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    Sorry, it is not my intention to disturb the forum´s peace. I started the german thread 2 weeks ago. Yesterday I surfed through the forum once again and found this thread. Mainly I want to know where "TheSaint7182" bought his disc - may be its one and the same dealer at Amazon. Exactly an equal problem (error on 52%) on 3 discs - that sounds a little bit mysterious to me... I´m afraid I possibliy paid for a simple copy...:eek:
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    I haven't done enough data collection to support that there are tons of issues with HD-DVDs (certainly there are with flip discs), but with dvds it's not out of the question at all to get lots (and I'm not just talking about 3 copies of a dvd) of bad discs: (#2, #17, #47)

    It's certainly possible, however, that you got the same disc that TheSaint7182 returned.

    You would probably be better off sending him a private message than posting in an old thread.
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    Ouch, I always thought "digital is digital". Seems I´m wrong. ;)

    OK, I´m going to write a PM to "TheSaint". Thank you!
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    Argh, its not my day :bang:. I wanted to answer to TheSaint7182 in this thread:
    But I think I pushed the "new thread" instead of the "answer" button. Please join these two threads, if you think it is necessary. Sorry! Your critique was legitimate.

    Anyway, I´m going to write a PM to him.
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    I separated your post. The English and German forums are a little different. Click the link in my signature. Read #1.

    Regardless, I think it would be pure luck for someone who hasn't posted since August to read that thread again without a private message.
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