Re-ripping a Blu-ray in a new format

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    I use MyMovies to rip my DVD with a NIMBIE 21.
    The version of AnyDVD is; I run Windows 10 Home.
    Actually I test the differences beetwin video containers and formats; I've already rip Casino Royale Blu-ray in MKV and mp4, and I try today to rip it in BDMV or HDDVD.
    The disc is read, and seen by Windows, but after a few moment rejected.
    The message is "failed to set display to 24 Hz".
    I try to rip with this functiun check and uncheck : "run an external program when loading media", but nothing change...
    Here is the log file...
    Thank U for your help

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    AnyDVD doesn't set a display frequency. Not an anydvd issue. Seems like something is trying to autoplay the disc, causing a monitor refresh rate change that subsequently fails.