re-installed XP, now get incompatable driver with PDVD HELP! please

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by dexgo, Jan 27, 2008.

  1. dexgo

    dexgo Active Member

    I just re-installed XP pro. and went to install drivers for video and the new anydvd trial + pdvd 3319a

    But when I went to play a movie it says Incompatible drivers.

    I changed to laptopvideo2go new ones. still same thing.

    i am going to cry. I have put soo much money into this laptop. and now Ive sit here for 6 hours and tried everything.

    it's like i never ever had it working and all that was a dream. I should have never reinstalled windows but I accidently screwed up my hdd.

    everything is pretty much the same, i have a m1710 with bd/hd dvd and a 7900gtx go video card.

    I had it working great before with the latest DELL drivers *the last ones they put out.

    and I had it working with the laptop video 2 go drivers as well.

    Now everything I do I get the same thing.

    Please can someone help me.

  2. dexgo

    dexgo Active Member

    somethings really messed up!

    I tried the newest 171 drivers from lv2g and the advisor and pdvd say that it's not compatible.

    somethings in my puter letting them know or preventing me from being able to do anything.

    this sux.
  3. dexgo

    dexgo Active Member

    just installed vista and 169.01 lv2g driver.

    same chit. what is going on???

    No matter what it says incompatible graphics card driver.

    I wonder if I spent 500 bux for a videocard that's hdcp for my notebook would it say the same crap anyways???

    default vista drivers says imcompatible.

    Dell official are incompatible too and also lv2g are incompatible.

    the advisor says you need 94.75 nvidia or greater.

    funny cuz I have 169.XX and it still is incompatible.

    something stinks!

    I just dropped 1000 bux in the biggest notebook hdd's i could get and a slimline burner + hd dvd drive etc etc.

    and now it looks like they are all bloody useless.

    this sux
  4. Adbear

    Adbear Well-Known Member

    I'm using 156.07 from lv2g on my 7900GTX go card and it works fine with Powerdvd, I tried updating it and it came up with the errors you're getting
  5. dexgo

    dexgo Active Member

    thanks for the reply

    I am d/l them now to try.

    funny cuz I had alot of the drivers i tried earlier working before on xp.