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    CloneDVDMobile 1800 worked fine for me in windows 7 SP1 for months, in use with a Wacom Tablet AND with Desktop gadgets (aka Sidebar in Vista). After replacing the HDD & Windows & a year's worth of MS updates last week the app would not read disks or iso source. I rec'd the 'Windows will now close message'...

    The beginning of thread sticky by Frank had several options to try. #3 The change to 'compatability to Vista SP1' did work...somewhat. My screen resolution kept reverting to 640x800! but the app worked!

    What has finally worked for me was to right click the app shortcut icon, select troubleshoot compatability. That troubleshooter diagnosed, then recommended Windows XP SP2. The app works absolutely fine now, just as before the new HDD.

    [NOTE: The app shortcut item only shows this troubleshooter from right click on the desktop. It does not show up on icons pinned to either the Start Menu OR pinned to the taskbar in Windows 7.]

    Windows 7 SP1, Norton 360 security suite
    AnyDVD, Clone DVD2, & Virtual Clone drve [none of which had issues after the new HDD/Windows reinstall]

    Hope this may be useful for others facing a similar crash of CloneDVD mobile.
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    Thanks much for this feedback. Very helpful. 8)