RCT3: Wild!

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    RollerCoaster Tycoon 3: Wild! expansion USA CD (RCT3plus.exe v3.2.8.11) using SecurRom 07.12.0013

    This ones a couple years old already but there was no reference to it in the Game Jackal forum and it didn't set up particularly easily. The good news is that it works fine once you get it sorted out.

    To get a good profile, I had to start the game manually. In the profile wizard, page 5, uncheck use quick launch and, page 6, uncheck automatically start. Hit finish then launch the game as usual. On exiting the game, with a good profile capture, Game Jackal opened a dialog saying Building image mode data, analyzing media, finalizing profile then profile complete. Initially, I needed to start the profile then launch the game separately but lately it's working with launching from the profile directly.