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  1. eugeneg

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    I can copy the movie but when I try to do an exact copy to get the extras the disc freezes and the playing sequence is scrambled.

    I have used both Fuji and Verbatim dual layer discs and am using both a new pioneer 112d and a LG burner with the newest firmware.

    I have tried both 1 click DVD and 1 click DVD pro.
  2. Carolina Mike

    Carolina Mike Well-Known Member

    I did a 1 to 1 copy w/ no problem. I ripped it to HD using the AnyDVD ripper and then use FixVts on the files. Then I used ImgBurn to burn the DVD w/ no problems
  3. shannon90210

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    What Version(s) 1Click and 1ClickPRO are you Using ?

    Since You're Using AnyDVD
    > Be Sure that you have Disabled CPRx
    Right Click on the 1Click Interface > Settings Menu
    >> UN Check = CPRx error correction enabled

    If all else Fails
    Use The AnyDVD"Ripper" to Rip Video Disc to HDD

    >> Right Click on the AnyDVD Fox
    > Settings > Settings > Press the "Default' Button > OK
    >> Right Click on the AnyDVD Fox
    > Select = "Rip Video DVD to HardDisk"
    Select a Destination Folder
    > And rip the DVD to your Hard Drive using the AnyDVD"Ripper"

    Use the Resulting HDD Folder - as your Source for 1Click
    ie: Source: C:\Depot_AnyDVDRipper\Ratatouille\VIDEO_TS

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  4. truseq1

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    there would be alot less problems if people just used clonedvd!!:clap:
  5. Carolina Mike

    Carolina Mike Well-Known Member

    The OP was trying to do a 1 to 1 copy and CloneDVD is the wrong program to use. I think you really meant CloneCD
  6. Webslinger

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    This really does sound as though this is a bad burn to me.

    1. Use Verbatim +R DL only (preferably made in Singapore)

    2. Ensure your burner is using the latest firmware version. Check Pioneer's website.

    3. Use anydvd ripper, and then use that rip as the source in 1-Click.

    I agree with CarolinaMike's comments (although others may disagree since it is possible to burn a DL disc in Clonedvd . . . that would not be my first choice though), but I always figure it's best not to push other programs onto people if they can make the ones they have already work.

    I suspect if someone already owns 1-Click he or she probably doesn't want to buy anything else.

    Anyway, this issue seems to be related to using 1-Click properly--and not an Anydvd issue.

    Moving thread to the Third Party Products forum . . .