Random downloads of subtitles - mostly works, and a retry works

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by mikeas, Dec 31, 2020.

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    But it eats up a license entry of course. What log do I need to upload to help debug this. I assume it's some internal failure to connect to something for the subtitle, but it's annoying mostly. If I noticed I just cancel/retry but that eats up download licenses.
  2. mikeas

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    Hardest part is remembering to let it 'finish' and grab the astlog - I hit cancel/retry and almost 100% the second attempt gets the subtitles just fine, so it may be a matter

    AND hats off to your devs, having worked in the video snagging/capture world for along time I know how hard is to have something even close to as reliable as AnyStream is. I run a few others for different purposes, but honestly not much anymore since they are a tad flakey/not really ready for prime time. Have a super New Years and hope you guys do well in 2021!!!
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    The log does not include subs urls - I guess I'd add this. It is, of course, not right to have to spend more than one download token per title. I will look into this problem and see how this can be improved.

    Hope you're doing this for personal needs ;) , but thanks for warm words and for pointing out the problems.
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    FOR SURE! Nothing leaves my Plex server, I do watch alot of movies (kinda how to get the brain to go to sleep after a hard days work!) but for sure no sharing/etc, I have been snagging what I need OTA for alot of stuff, and now nicer quality versions of alot of that stuff. I'll try and grab some logs etc, but ya hate to reinstall what's work so may have to wait till i rebuild a box. I have been tryin to use some older machines I have but some are just too flakey - just like to keep it off my main server etc. But already rebuilt one three times today due to flakey hard drives, that were causing problems even before it started ripping.