Rampage 3D Decryption

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  1. worknstiff

    worknstiff Well-Known Member

    I have the retail us version and it seems to decrypt fine until you try to access the files using other programs. It seems to access and copy the 00252.m2ts from the protected iso but it never moves the "actual" file.

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  2. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Please elaborate. Who or what is "it"? What other programs?
  3. worknstiff

    worknstiff Well-Known Member

    BD_RB specifically, what FRIM tries to access 00252.m2ts it hangs and if you look in the folder it's missing and the supposedly 35GB folder is only 2.9GB.
  4. worknstiff

    worknstiff Well-Known Member

    WRONG -----Problem solved using, not really sure what changed BUT it's working fine now. Thanks for the great software RedFox!

    Got hold of the 2D NOT the 3D, oops
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