Rambo R1 Problems

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  1. a10-WartHog

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    Trying to Backup Rambo R1 using anydvd ripper Beta and it errors out at 96%. Did get it to rip partially with another program. But when I try to burn to dvd with clonedvd it fails with write errors. I created a logfile witch is attached.Any help would be greatly appreciated. I hope the logfile supplies enough info if not,reply back. Thanks.

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  2. DrinkLyeAndDie

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    I'd take the disc back and ask for an exchange. I believe your disc may be damaged from looking at your logs.

  3. Webslinger

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    You need to provide full error messages.

    If it's a CRC, File IO 3 error, your original disc is bad even if it plays fine or your drive is slowly dying.

    These are your options (in order of likelyhood):

    A. The original disc is bad even if it plays fine. Exchange it.

    B. The disc is dirty. Clean it.

    C. Your drive is slowly dying. Try a different drive.

    D. The cable on the back of your drive is bad. Exchange it.
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  4. kveits007

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    I did notice that when I watched my copy of Rambo movie only, after the credits the movie starts over again for about 5 minutes, I think that is whats causeing a lot of programs to give errors, I had to manualy set the end chapters to get rid of the extra beginning.
  5. Clams

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    I noticed the same thing... it was strange and I edited it out too... but that glitch did appear using the beta yesterday to rip it. You'd never even notice it unless you watched past the credits.

  6. icedog31

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    I was also having problems backing up my copy of Rambo.AnyDVD would stop after 96% so i came here to see if there was any info that i could use.I saw where webslinger recommended the actions above and i also saw that i didn't have the latest version of AnyDVD so i downloaded the latest version and also cleaned the disc like webslinger said and everything worked fine.:clap:Once again webslinger and the guys from AnyDVD helped me...even though i didn't ask for any.I guess sometimes it's better to read and try the options these guys recommend before you panic.
  7. Clams

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    Same here, 96% stoppage untill I downloaded the beta.