ram for 9600k?

Discussion in 'General Hardware Issues' started by superbro, Jun 17, 2019.

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    If you build a PC there is a list of recommended RAM modules for your motherboard. Check that.
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    Really depends on what you're doing with the system. I put some corsair pc3200 in my 9900k and it works very well for me. But use case for the machine means a lot.

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  4. Ch3vr0n

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    First you'll need to know with what motherboard you're going. The cpu doesn't give a rats ass initially what ram it has to work with, the MOTHERBOARD however does. When you've settled on a motherboard, then you need to check the memory "QVL" or "Qualified Vendor List". That list (usually available for download in pdf) specifies with brands and types of ram have been tested to work with the motherboard (based on article number) and in what configuration (2 sticks, 4 sticks)...

    It's not as easy as to google "best ram for 9600k", if you snapped up the first brand you see, and it's not on your motherboards QVL the system wouldn't boot at all. And if as you say you're not very tech savvy, you wouldn't know where the problem was.
  5. coopervid

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    The freeware CPU-Z is a good start. Try to get the same or similar modules.
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    Cpu-z is an analysis tool, it doesn't tell you which ram modules are compatible and recommended with the motherboard. It just tells you which ones are installed, the frequency they're running at...

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    Another way to do it backwards. Talk to Corsair suppt.
    They know what they have and what it fits!
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    Depends on your CPU my friend. I have 32GB or RAM on my bad boy.
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    Besides the fact that this topic is dead for 6b months, the CPU is irrelevant. It's the motherboard's QVL that matters.

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