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Quick way to test copy DVD produced by CloneDVD


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Feb 4, 2007
Is there a quick way to test the copy DVD produced by CloneDVD. I have had a couple of cases so far where CloneDVD made a copy without posting any errors, yet parts of the copy DVD could not be played (probably due to defective blank media).
Is there a quick way to test the copy DVD produced by CloneDVD. I have had a couple of cases so far where CloneDVD made a copy without posting any errors, yet parts of the copy DVD could not be played (probably due to defective blank media).

You could run Nero cd-dvd speed (free program) and run disk quality scans:
A good quality burn should increase the likelyhood of a movie playing back well.

But I'm not going to spend time on the board supporting that program (analyzing the scans, etc.). I'm not being rude; I just have way too many other things to do. Other people here might help you analyze the scans. Running the scans takes time too, and really playability depends on the standalone dvd player and the blank media you're using. Some blank media can't be read in some standalone dvd players very well--no matter what (but they may play fine in other players).

Sometimes lowering burn speed slightly can help a lot (burning at 12x instead of 16x, for example), depending on the burner, its firmware, and the blank media you're using.

You could also try http://vso-software.fr/products/inspector/inspector.php to see if running a media analysis scan is showing read errors on your discs.

Edit: You may find this forum useful

Since your post mostly pertains to media and burn quality, I'm going to move your thread to the blank media section of the boards. Some people might be able to help you better there.
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I just run it thru ClonedDVD2 again as though I am copying it but cancel the burn part. If the disc is bad, the copy will catch it.

Dan <><
I haven't had too much luck on quick scans. I'll sometimes put it in play mode, and scan through the chapters... This isn't foolproof, though.
Thanks all.

Even though CloneDVD2 makes a copy without posting any errors, it is not a 100% guarantee that the copy DVD is good. I have been checking the copies by playing a couple of seconds of each chapter and this has caught some defective copies, it does not catch all.

I agree that running it thru CloneDVD2 again w/o the burn is probably the best check. This will increase the total "copy" time by 50% (I find the the read/burn stages take around 1/2 hour each).
I made a funny or did I ??

I will agree spend the time to copy the movie and then get already to watch it pop corn, drinks (been waiting for the movie to release) now I'm watching the movie really into it and the BIG FREEZE happen's nothing worse!! Oh well thank god it's only a copy!! 8)
Just suck's having to get up and put the origenal in and find the part of the movie I'm at..

Joke of the day,
Re-ripping backups?

This is where a lot of factors come in.

1)Media quality- Make sure it's quality stuff like Ty,Verbatim,Hitachi maxells. That's the most critical criteria.
2)Burn speed- Keep to a 4x or 8x speed,avoid max speed
3)Quality drives- Keep firmware updated and there are differences between burners. Some crap drives put out crappy backups.
4) Keep backup target below 4360 mbs-avoid burning outer edge
5) No multi-tasking
6) Keep harddrive/s defragged
7) No paper/sticker labels-major no-no

The main thing-you gotta make that first copy as good as you can,thus eliminating all those little errors. Too many errors or errors in the wrong spots and you'll get a crc error when trying to rip it.

Fastest way to Re-rip a backup-also a very good way to test out to see how good your backups are:

Dual drives and using a program like nero and the disc copy feature.This would be On The Fly-also called OTF. Very risky and a good test for your equipment.

Single drive:Now if you use your same normal process to rip one of your backups for another copy and error out,you have some major issues. Keep an eye out for the dreaded CRC error. Abort the burn if desired,like boss hogg posted. Just make sure you get her back onto your harddrive.